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Health Tips: How to Prevent Hemorrhoids, Bladder and Prostate Infections, Heartburn, and Leg/Foot Cramps (for a start)



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Health tip #1: how to prevent hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids result from straining during a bowel movement. To prevent straining, use the following method.

Lean backwards as far as possible and look at the ceiling. Breathe deeply and just wait. Deep breathing puts pressure on the diaphragm, which puts pressure on the bowel. If the bowel movement starts up, continue to breathe deeply, forcing air down into your belly. To be even more effective, breathe deeply and rapidly, gasping noisily.

When evacuation is complete, your body will give you a signal by contracting the sphincter muscle. Wait patiently until you get this signal. If you don't get it, continue to wait. Patience is the key to success.

For further information, see Using the Toilet.

Health tip #2: how to relieve the pain of hemorrhoids.

To relieve the pain of hemorrhoids, there is nothing like a doughnut-shaped seat cushion, available at most drug stores. Put one on your car seat and one on your favorite chair. Take one with you on an airplane trip. If this cushion causes leg cramps later, a similar product, somewhat more expensive but worth the difference, is the bladder friendly chair cushion, available on the Internet: Bladder Friendly Chair Cushion. Specify "Soft."

Every time you take a shower, scrub vigorously between the buttocks with soap, and rinse thoroughly. Doing this causes the irritation of hemorrhoids to recede. Scrub your fingernails with a fingernail brush afterwards. Recommended: Fuller Hand and Nail Brush

Health tip #3: how to prevent bladder and prostate infections.

Make sure that the urethra is empty after urination. Germs can travel up the urethra if evacuation is not complete. To make sure that the urethra is empty:
Stand up and bend forward. Bending forward unblocks the urethra so that urine can fall out naturally onto toilet tissue. Men: pinch a bit of skin and pull forward on the skin of the penis to help this process. Wait another ten seconds to check for any further discharge.

Health tip #4: how to prevent heartburn.

Chew, chew, chew. Poorly chewed food is hard to digest and causes heartburn. To get into the habit of more chewing, count the chews - at least 40 per bite.

If you already have heartburn, sip very hot water.

Health tip #5: keep a nail brush next to your soap at the sink. (Also, keep an extra nail file and nail scissors at your desk - you can take a nail-trimming break.)

Health tip #6: better than Valium is touching.

If you feel filled with anxiety, get someone (or yourself, if no one else is available) to touch you. Start with the toes. Touch (or pull on) each little toe, then each fourth toe, and so on. Touch each pair of fingers - each pinkie, each fourth finger, and so on. Touch on each side of the center line of your skull, starting with the back of your neck and proceeding to your crown and down to your eyes. Touch each closed eye and each nostril and both sides of your lips.

Next get a hammer and touch the cold metal to your bones: cheek bones in turn, forehead, nose, shoulders, hip bones, elbows, knees, ankle bones, and soles of the feet.

In time, doing this exercise just in your imagination is sufficient. You FEEL the cold metal of the hammer in your imagination. Your toes FEEL pulled, even though you are pulling them only in your mind.

Next imagine that you are holding your heart. Imagine that you are touching your alimentary canal from top to bottom. Imagine that your head is resting in the palms of your hands and that you are gently lifting it up and down.

Squeeze the skin on your belly. Lay your palms on your lowest ribs.

Health tip #7: foot cramps.

If you make a habit of sitting with your legs crossed, you are squeezing the leg muscles, causing twitching and cramps later. It takes conscious effort to uncross your legs. Sitting in a chair with your legs folded beside you is just as bad. Cushions and chairs that press uncomfortably on the upper legs can cause leg cramps later. Try the bladder-friendly chair cushion mentioned above.

If you awaken in the middle of the night, take two flax seed oil capsules.

Even better: leg and foot exercises before going to bed. (1) While sitting, lift your feet and twirl them in circles, ten times clockwise and ten times counterclockwise. (2) In a standing position, rise up on your toes ten times. (3) Keeping your right leg straight, bend down and, with your right hand, try to touch the toes of your right foot ten times. Same with the left hand, left leg, and left foot. (4) From four feet away from a wall, lean against the wall with your hands, keeping your heels on the floor, and then bend your torso forward ten times.

If you are in bed, try lying on your side and dangling your legs over the side of the bed. Allow several minutes for the twitching/cramping to subside.

It also helps to soak your feet and legs in really hot water. Run a couple of inches of warm water into the bathtub, sit down in the tub, and then slowly run HOT water into the tub. Keep adding hot water until your feet and legs are immersed. A hot shower also works (but not as well), as does sitting on the edge of the sink and soaking your feet in hot water in the sink.

Another thought: feet in bed have to be kept warm. Pull up an extra blanket. Wear warm socks in bed, such as cushioned boot socks.

Lying on your stomach in bed is a sure way to bring on twitching and cramping, as is reading a book with your back against the headboard.

Click here to watch my video Help with Foot and Leg Cramps and Insomnia (click triangle, wait a few seconds, and then click it again):

Health tip #8: teeth.

On each tooth there are five surfaces to scrub: surface next to the cheek, surface next to the tongue, the two side surfaces that face adjacent teeth, and the chewing surface. Fortunately, even Crest Toothpaste prescribes only once-a-day brushing, so thoroughness can replace frequency.

Frequently missed surfaces: (1) upper back molars, next to the cheek; (2) tongue-side surfaces where the teeth are bowed (feel your teeth with your tongue to detect bowed surfaces)

Flossing is essential. To reduce floss breakage, use a sawing motion getting floss between tooth surfaces, and use a sawing motion getting out. When in, scrub facing tooth surfaces with an up and down motion or a sawing motion.

When you spit, if you see any red coloration (blood) at all, you have work to do. Blood is a sign of bacteria. Fashion a second toothbrush by cutting off three-quarters of the bristles with sharp fingernail scissors, leaving a tuft at the end. Use this toothbrush after regular brushing to brush at the gum line. In time, the red coloration should disappear. Alternative: a child-sized toothbrush.

If gum is sore, it is likely that food - and bacteria - are lurking under the gum line. Use the dental floss to push the gum upwards (for upper teeth, downwards for lower teeth) and scrape the tooth there with the dental floss.

Click here to watch my video Tips on Caring for your Teeth:

Tips on Caring for Your Teeth

Health tip #9: itchy ears.

To prevent itchiness, wash ears thoroughly every time that you take a shower. Rinse in the oncoming water and dry thoroughly with a towel. If itchiness is still a problem, use a cotton swab or cotton shirting to dry the ears more thoroughly. You can also dip a cotton swab into white vinegar and rub inside the ears (at the edges of the opening). Just as good is aloe vera gel, applied to the ears, inside the nostrils, and on the lips.

Health tip #10: burns.

Put ice onto a burn a.s.a.p. Wrap the ice in a washcloth or a paper towel. Continue to apply ice to the burn periodically during the day. If a blister develops, protect the delicate skin with a Band-Aid (recommended: Nexcare Waterproof Clear Bandages) and/or liquid bandage (New Skin). If you are lucky, the skin will be saved, and the blister will disappear.

Health tip #11: swallowing pills and capsules.

The technique for swallowing pills is different from the technique for swallowing capsules/gelcaps. To swallow a pill, put it at the back of the tongue and drink something. To swallow a capsule/gelcap, put it on the front of the tongue. Lay your upper lip on the surface of some lukewarm beverage and sip a large puddle of it into the front of the mouth and swallow the puddle with the capsule/gelcap in it. It helps to bend the neck forward, as if leaning over a sink.

Health tip #12: sore back.

Run only an inch or two of comfortable water into the bathtub, and then get in. Then start running only HOT water into the tub. Lie down in the tub so that your back is soaking in hot water.

Health tip #13: stuffy nose.

If you have a stuffy nose during the night, use TWO pillows so that the stuffiness drains away. Ayr Saline Nasal Gel is useful if your nose is stuffy. Vaseline inside the nostrils is also helpful. You can also try a small amount of Triple Antibiotic Ointment. Just as good is aloe vera gel. If you find that during the night only one nostril is clogged, lie on your side so that the stuffy nostril is UP. In other words, if your left nostril is clogged, lie on your right side. If your nose itches or tickles, it's possible that a hair inside the nose has curled and is tickling the inside of the nostril. Use a flashlight to see inside the nostril, and cut off the offending hair with nose scissors (to see pictures, search Google for "nose scissors") (flashlight must have fresh batteries. Turn off room lights to see better). You can also use Cortaid or other hydrocortisone ointment. See my article on caring for the nose:

Caring for the Nostrils

If nasal passages are sore, apply a hot washcloth to the bridge of the nose for a few minutes or use aloe vera gel inside the nostrils. Antibiotic ointment is another possibility.

Health tip #14: don't like the taste of water?

Water straight out of the tap tastes better than ice water. You can drink a full glass of tap water, whereas your stomach will soon rebel if you drink ice water.

Health tip #15: infected finger.

Run hot water into a cup and put your finger in it. Do this several times a day for several minutes each time.

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