Tests of Reading Comprehension

(In addition, for older students and adults see Reading Comprehension Quizzes and Weekly Interlinear Poem.)

1. The test is intended for the whole class. From the results, the teacher can see the distribution of reading comprehension abilities in the class.

2. The high scorers and the low scorers are particularly interesting. The teacher can give special work to these groups, leaving the large group in the middle to continue on with the regular work.

3. The test should be used as a test, not as learning material. Discussing the test with the class will spoil the test for another teacher who might want to use it.

4. The following tests are available. Click on the link and then use File-Print to print.

Reading Test 1
Reading Test 2
Reading Test 3
Reading Test 4
Reading Test 5
Reading Test 6
Reading Test 7
Reading Test 8
Reading Test 9
Reading Test 10
Answer Key

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