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Primarily Research. Grades 1-3. Each of the eight units in this book providing opportunities for structured research presents a different animal or pair of animals, including moths, butterflies, lions, tigers, koalas, kangaroos, elephants, frogs, toads, sharks, gorillas, giraffes, and penguins. Dandy Lion.

Prima Study Packets 1 and 2. Grades 2-3. In these packets students independently research animals and then places. Included are a sturdy vinyl portfolio, a reproducible Student Guide containing step-by-step instructions and forms for the independent study, and a teacher's guide. Engine-Uity.

Play by the Rules - Creative Practice in Direction-Following. Grades 2-6. Loaded with unexpected challenges, the activities in this book range from instructions that will produce sophisticated designs to listening games. Students start with the rather easy Warm-Ups but are challenged as they move through the exercises. Dandy Lion.

Smart Snips - Adventures in Thinking, Reading, and Direction-Following. Every thinking activity in this book starts with something to cut - one page gives a set of specific directions, and the other page is the activity that requires some kind of cutting. Dandy Lion.

Success with Study Skills Series. Grades 3-6. The four books in this series are designed to provide study skills practice to students of varying abilities. The general areas addressed in the series include following directions, determining alphabetical order, enhancing dictionary skills and parts of a book/reference skills, gathering information, and organizing information. Each book presents 30 sequenced lessons. Pro-Ed.

Independent Study Program. Grades 4 and up. From choosing a topic, creating questions about a topic, choosing and using a research strategy, and creating stimulating and challenging projects, to learning to evaluate and improve upon creative projects, this program takes students through the process of making research a valuable experience. Included are 100 reusable Resource Cards and a 24-page Student Booklet. Prufrock Press.

Independent Study Kit. Grades 4-8. The reproducible Student Manual takes students through each phase of an independent study, from getting the idea for a topic to evaluating the results. A Planning Board helps students design their project, and Product and Verb Cards lead students to make choices. Engine-Uity.

Chance It! Probability Simulation. Grades 5-6. This short course enables the advanced intermediate school student to explore probability with a minimum of help from a teacher. Situations present problems to be solved using the strategy of simulation. Student Book consists of text, activities, problems, hints, and solutions. Spinners and numbered cards on stiff material can be cut out and used for activities. Apple-compatible software is available for the student problems. Royal Fireworks Press.

Take Ten - Steps to Successful Research. Grades 5-8. Reproducible pages and helpful tools for each step involve students in their research, from choosing a topic to writing the final copy. Students will learn lifelong skills of analysis, evaluation, and synthesis as they learn how to structure a research project. Includes information on sources of information, forming a thesis statement, writing an outline, preparing note cards, writing, revising, and more. Dandy Lion.

Eureka! Investigations to Link Research and Thinking Skills. Grades 4-8. Each of the investigations in this book will send students digging into a variety of reference books to find the answers to the investigation's varied questions. In addition to the research questions, each investigation has a page of related enrichment activities, giving students opportunities to apply and extend their knowledge. Dandy Lion.

What If?. Grades 5-8. The question "What If?" is the beginning of research and creative thinking as students use creative thinking to pose alternatives and solutions. Reproducible worksheets are included. Dandy Lion.

Rats Packs. Grades 7-12. In using these packs secondary students pursue meaningful independent studies while they are learning the skills of information retrieval and reporting. There are individual Rats Packs on American history topics, literature topics, world history topics, science topics, and social science topics. Engine-Uity.

First Sheet Book. Grades 7-12. This book contains 30 First Sheets, each with six research tasks, thus providing 180 short-term, introductory research tasks on topics of interest to older students: aerobic exercise, atoms, astronauts, ballet, Beethoven, birds of prey, clocks, comets, dams, diamonds, Eskimos, Gandhi, golf, grand opera, the Hindenburg, immunization, lasers, Madame Curie, Marco Polo, mime, nuclear power, plants nutrition, origami, otters, Picasso, pottery, rain-making, space shuttles, steam locomotives, and surfing. Engine-Uity.

Can You Find it? 25 Library Scavenger Hunts to Sharpen Your Research Skills. Ages 14 and up. Cartoons, quotes, questions, and clues lead students on challenging scavenger hunts through shelves, stacks, microfiches, dictionaries, indexes, directories, and other sources of information. Free Spirit.

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