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Declaration of Independence

Teachers and parent-teachers, you can't do your job alone. You need good materials to assist you. With good materials students will work independently and will persist at their work. With good materials your teaching task is manageable.

It is virtually impossible to individualize instruction without individualized learning materials. Having students work on their own is a hallmark of individualized instruction.

Section I provides background. Section II makes suggestions about how teachers can best manage students' independent work. Section III provides lists of available independent-learning materials K-12. Section IV is a list of the publishers referred in Section III.

The author of this site has no interest in any publisher and receives no compensation from any.

Section I

Background: Principles of Teaching

Two Kinds of Assignments

Assigned School Work: Part of a Continuum?

Mastery: Is It Practical?

School Work: Do Students See It as Purposeful?

Asking Students Questions

Whole Class Instruction: Is It Out of Date?

Section II

Strategies for Managing Students' Independent Work

Choosing Work According to the Curriculum

Test Often, Test Widely

Keeping a Studious Classroom

Obtaining Student Commitment to Independent Work

Providing for Student Management of Classroom Materials

Choosing Learning Materials for the Independent Learner:

Trade Books



The Internet/On-line Services

Rewarding Accomplishment

Sending Independent-Study Work Home

Section III

Learning Materials for Independent Learners

Learning to Use Computers/Using Computers

Foreign Languages

Language Arts/Reading/Literature

Library/Work/Study Skills/Research

Logic/Critical Thinking/Creative Thinking/Art/Interpersonal Skills/Across the Curriculum


Science/Health/Social Studies/Environment


Independent-Study Courses By Correspondence

Courses on the Internet/On-Line

Internet Resources for Students

Section IV

List of Publishers

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