a student in school








I have control freaks for parents. My dad blames me for being a poor student, and he punishes me if I bring home a poor report card. He calls me names. If I could see my dad dead in a pool of blood, Iíd be happy. If I had a loaded gun handy, I might use it, my hatred is so deep.


Iím never going to be an outstanding student. People donít seem to understand that Iím not smart, and Iím not athletic, and thatís the package I came in.


Not only do I not get along with my parents, but my school is partners with them. The school has all sorts of devices to elevate the smart students, to the disadvantage of the rest of us -

1. Awards and prizes at graduation

2. National Honor Society

3. Report cards with A-F grading system, separating the top students from everyone else

4. Publicity about students who get into top colleges

5. Featuring scholarship winners

6. Gifted and talented programs that pull students out of class


It seems to me that the top students are rewarded enough just by being smart.


Teachers ask questions mostly of the smart students and ignore students like me. They make me feel that I donít matter. They donít speak up on my behalf when other students call me names. I am a joke to everybody.


Outside of the classroom, nobody at school has ever taught me anything or shown an interest in me. The school doesnít know that I am abused at home. I have no future. People at school should take an inventory of my feelings about school and about life so that they can see that I am a problem.


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