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Word Ace! Sound Dictionary. Language reference CD's with native speaker pronunciation - Spanish/English, Russian/English, Italian/English, German/English, French/English, Multilingual (without pronunciations). CD's for Win95, Win3.1, and Mac. Edutainment Catalog (published by Transparent Language).

First 1000 Words Spanish Tape Pack with Workbook. Ages 2-12. The book comes with a cassette and 32-page workbook. The tape uses native Spanish speakers who demonstrate how the words should sound. The narration allows the tape to be used alone or in conjunction with the book. The workbook includes tests. Usborne Books.

Learn Spanish Language Pack. Ages 12 and up. Knowledge of Spanish is gradually built up, with more detailed and complex grammar introduced in step-by-step fashion. The 110-minute tape covers most of the pages. Usborne Books.

Bienvenidos. Grades 6-12. This CD-ROM program (4 disks) immerses students in the language, art, music, and customs of the Spanish-speaking countries. More than 600 self-paced exercises and 16 chapter tests allow students to progress at their own speed. The audio features native speakers. Students can also participate in 32 on-screen conversations. Audio recording capabilities make it possible for students to practice and compare their accents and pronunciation. A bidirectional, searchable pronunciation glossary contains more than 2,300 entries. Internet sites of cultural value are listed along with suggestions for electronic pen-pal exchanges. Bienvenue is a similar program for teaching French. Glencoe/McGraw-Hill.

Bravo! Grades 6-12. This CD-ROM program for teaching Spanish provides for self-paced, individualized instruction in the classroom. Through an array of video clips, music, interactive language activities, and Spanish realia, students listen, speak, read, and write Spanish. Levels 1A/1B, 1, and 2. McDougal Littell.

Encuentros A Lo Vivo (Spanish) and Pris Sur Le Vif (French). These CD-ROM programs provide for continuous student interaction. Motivating topics are offered for exploration - young people, school, music, sports, food, communication, transportation, family, shopping, and holidays. ScottForesman.

MasterLatin. This computer course, still under development, includes a feature where you type in an English sentence, press return, and the Latin translation flashes onto the screen. For IBM compatibles. Available from Edward Bailey, 18 Sturtevant Street, Beverly, MA 01915. Phone: 508-922-6076.

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