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The Globewide Network Academy, a global non-profit consortium of educational and research organizations, has created a central marketplace for on-line courses and technical services. To access their on-line distance education catalog, go to

and click on "on-line distance education catalog."

North Dakota Division of Independent Study has provided distance education courses since 1935. By the year 2000 it will have an entire high school diploma program online on the Worldwide Web. Presently, eleven courses are available online. They are Middle School Geography I and II, World Geography I and II, Russian I and II, Global Politics, Knowing about Art, Local History, Developmental English, and independent study: Internet Research and Writing.

The North Dakota Division of Independent Study is the first member school to win an award from the UCEA Independent Study Division for a high school online course. Online World Geography Second Semester won a 1997 Meritorious Course Award.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Independent Study High School. Students may enroll in undergraduate college courses for credit as well as take the offered high school courses, which include courses in the fields of agriculture, art, business, career planning, computer science, driver education, English, family and consumer science, industrial education, languages, mathematics, music, photography, science, social studies, and study skills. Courses in English, for example, include The American Short Story, The Short Story, Basic Expository Writing, Basic Grammar, Intermediate Grammar, Effective Reader Skills, General Literature, Multicultural Literature, Writing a Research Paper, and an English course for each grade level 9-12.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Independent Study High School has developed an online course management system, which they call Way Cool. Students submit their work online. Graded comments are posted on Way Cool, where students can read instructional comments.

More than 50 courses are offered online. It is possible for a student to earn his or her high school diploma entirely online. The school offers a general diploma program and a college preparatory diploma program.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Office of Extended Education and Outreach provides lifelong learning opportunities to people in all 93 counties of Nebraska, all 50 states, and more than 125 countries.

Accreditation: Nebraska Department of Education and North Central Association Commission on School Improvement.

Address: Office of Extended Education and Outreach, 900 N. 21st Street, Lincoln, NE 68588-88500. Telephone: (402) 472-4425. Web site is at

Nebraska-Lincoln Independent Study High School

The following are, for the most part, mentioned in the GNA catalog.

CHOICE 2000 On-Line School. CHOICE 2000 On-Line School is an accredited public high school and middle school in California providing classes on-line. "The only stipulation is that the student must provide his/her own access to a computer/modem. CHOICE 2000 will provide books, course work, teachers and software to the student. Unlike other K-12 schools, you never ride a bus, and school is always open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Like other schools, we offer math, English, science, history, and social studies. We even offer Spanish and French with Real Time Voice Telecommuting on-line." (Global Network Academy Catalog 9/19/96)

Dennison Online (Larry Dennison). Awards high school diplomas through its online curriculum for students grades 7-12 and adults.

International Correspondence Schools/ICS Newport/Pacific High School. Web site is at

Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth. This center offers Expository Writing accessible by the World Wide Web. 410-516-0337 or 410-516-0241 or 818-500-9034.

Keystone National High School. Accreditation: Distance Learning and Training Council, the body recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as granting approval of all distance learning institutions in the country. The school is also licensed by the State Board of Private Licensed Schools in Pennsylvania. Web site is at

Laurel Springs. Laurel Springs School offers academic programs for K-8 and 9-12. Online Learning provides students at the sixth through twelfth grades self-paced coursework in all academic subjects. Some courses are available on the Internet. P.O. Box 1440, Ojai, CA 93024-1440, 805-646-2473, site is at

Christa McAuliffe Academy K-12. Web site is at

The Learning Odyssey gr. 1-8. Web site is at

Mindquest. Mindquest is a part of the Bloomington Public Schools, Independent School District #271, Bloomington, Minnesota. Through Mindquest it is possible to earn a high school diploma completely on the Internet. Courses are available to high school juniors and seniors who need extra credits, as well as to adults and older teens who do not have a high school diploma. This is a very interactive program, with students working and communicating electronically with teachers, counselors, and other students constantly. Web site is at

Cyber High School (CyberHigh). Cyber High School is a private, on-line, college preparatory school serving students worldwide. The curriculum is designed for students who are motivated to work independently toward entrance to college. Courses are specified for each high school year and include math, English, Latin, computers, physical science, biology, history, chemistry, physics, and world issues. Electives include psychology, sociology, comparative religions, ethics, creative writing, art, computers, and health/physiology with P.E. Web site is at

Cyber High School

CALCampus. "CALCampus is a private, international online learning center, located in the U.S., which offers courses solely through the Internet. Enrollment is open to all individual, mature learners anywhere in the world who have access to the Internet. CALCampus was founded in 1982 and has been teaching courses exclusively online since 1986. The complete CALCampus catalog is available to the public on the World Wide Web at Courses are offered in business, computer programming, computer applications and technology, English, mathematics, science, social science, general studies, legal studies, and test-preparation. English (ESL) courses are offered for non-native speakers. Students use our courses for many different purposes according to their own needs. CALCampus is licensed by the state of Wyoming as a post secondary proprietary school." Web site is at

Calculus and Mathematics. The Eisenhower National Clearinghouse sponsors this computer-based calculus course that utilizes technology to initiate the learning process. Through the use of electronic interactive text, students are encouraged to write about calculus and the problem-solving process. Accessible through

Illinois Virtual High School. Illinois Virtual High School, sponsored by the state of Illinois, offers on-line courses in foreign languages, advanced math, and other subjects. Courses are available to Illinois residents. Accessible through

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