1. Boys  The sons of the Prophet are valiant and bold,

2.    And quite unaccustomed to fear,

3. Girls  And the bravest of all was a man, so I'm told,

4.    Called Abdullah Bulbul Amir.


5. All  When they wanted a man to encourage the van,

6.    Or harass the foe from the rear,

7.    Storm fort or redoubt, they were sure to call out

8.    For Abdullah Bulbul Amir.


9 Solo1  There are heroes in plenty, and well known to fame,

10.               In the legions that fight for the Czar,

11. Solo2 But none of such fame as the man by the name

12.               Of Ivan Petrofsky Skovar.


13.  Solo3  He could imitate Irving, tell fortunes by cards,

14.               And play on the Spanish guitar.

15.  Solo4  In fact, quite the cream of the Muscovite guards

16.               Was Ivan Petrofsky Skovar.


17. All  One day this bold Muscovite shouldered his gun,

18.              Put on his most cynical sneer,

19.               And was walking downtown when he happened to run

20.               Into Abdullah Bulbul Amir.


21. Solo5  "Young man," said Bulbul, "is existence so dull

22.               That you're anxious to end your career?

23.               Then, infidel, know you have trod on the toe

24.               Of Abdullah Bulbul Amir.


25.               "So take your last look at the sea, sky, and brook,

26.              Make your latest report on the war,

27.               For I mean to imply you are going to die,

Ivan Petrofsky Skovar."


28. All  So this fierce man he took his trusty chibouk

29.               And murmuring, "Allah Aklar!"

30.              With murder intent he most savagely went

31.               For lvan Petrofsky Skovar.


32.  Solo6  The Sultan rose up, the disturbance to quell,

33.               Likewise, give the victor a cheer.

34. Solo7  He arrived just in time to bid hasty farewell

35.               To Abdullah Bulbul Amir.


36. All  A loud-sounding splash from the Danube was heard

37.               Resounding o'er meadows afar.

38.               It came from the sack fitting close to the back

39.               Of Ivan Petrofsky Skovar.


40. Boys  There lieth a stone where the Danube doth roll

41.               And on it in characters queer

42.               Are "Stranger, when passing by, pray for the soul

43.               Of Abdullah Bulbul Amir."


44. Girls  A Muscovite maiden her vigil doth keep

45.               By the light of the pale northern star,

46.               And the name she repeats every night in her sleep

47.               Is Ivan Petrofsky Skovar.




Prophet Mohammed

van  front division of an army (same as vanguard)

redoubt  temporary defense (fortification)

Irving famous writer

Muscovite person from Moscow

chibouk  Turkish tobacco pipe with a long stem