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Sherlock Holmes cartoon
from Dining with Sherlock Holmes by Rosenblatt and Sonnenschmidt

Because drinks nowadays, such as Cokes, Pepsis, and beer, are so delicious, some people drink for the sake of the good taste instead of for the sake of quenching thirst. Consequently, they lose the ability to recognize when they are thirsty. To learn again what it is like to be thirsty, they have to abandon delicious drinks. Then, when they are thirsty, they have to drink real water.

You can improve your general well-being by drinking lots of water. This is easy to do if you keep a glass next to the faucet. You can drink a full glass of tap water, whereas after a half a glass of refrigerated or ice water you've had enough. (This might be true because the body has to raise the cold water to body temperature, draining energy. Tap water is closer to body temperature.)

Of course, we like our fruit juices cold. Try adding cold fruit juice to a glass and then putting it into the refrigerator for five or ten minutes. The glass comes out cold - delicious.

Generally, the Sherlock Holmes dieter doesn't serve a beverage - water or otherwise - with a meal. Conscientious chewing, plus the water that occurs naturally in fruits and vegetables, makes a beverage unnecessary. There is no danger, then, of the terrible practice of washing down food with a beverage. If you do have water with your meal, make sure that you chew and swallow before drinking the water.

When you are on your way to the freezer for your third helping of ice cream, stop off at the sink and drink a glass of water. It could be that your hunger for ice cream is actually thirst.

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