Sherlock Holmes cartoon

It is easy to show that what you ingest has an effect on your mind. Just think of these:
  • coffee
  • tea
  • alcohol
  • LSD
  • tranquillizers
  • antidepressants
  • amphetamines
Some foods, also, have effects on the mind. Suspects of harmful foods include:
  • store-bought cake (nightmares)
  • A.1. Steak Sauce
  • red hot pepper, including Tabasco Sauce, chili powder (nightmares)
  • cured meats, such as hot dogs and bacon
  • blue cheese, tub (spreadable) cheese
  • black pepper
  • hard candy in quantity
  • orange juice (acidic) in quantity
  • loaded-with-salt foods (such as some TV dinners, ham salad, beer pretzels)
  • butter, especially melted butter
  • coffee, including decaf coffee
  • tea, including decaf tea
  • wine
Just what food is causing suffering, such as insomnia or depression, can be hard to pin down because we eat such a variety of foods. A lifetime can be spent cutting back on this or that food, adding it back into the diet, cutting back on something else, and so on.