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Sherlock Holmes cartoon
from Dining with Sherlock Holmes by Rosenblatt and Sonnenschmidt

Why does Mom eat so little, the kids might ask. It seems that she is a light eater, but maybe she isn't. Maybe she has had half her meal while preparing it.

Nothing tastes so good as food eaten in the kitchen. Just a bite here, a bite there, thoroughly chewed. How delicious! The kitchen atmosphere is a food atmosphere, with the cook surrounded by boiling, broiling, roasting, or frying food. Chop raw vegetables and eat a piece. Cut up some cheese and eat a slice. Eat one or two grapes. One strawberry. The variety in itself is appetizing.

If you are working in the kitchen, you don't mind taking the time to chew each bite forty times. Chewing well is enjoyable. Chewing well at the dinner table takes more effort and more patience.

"I say, Mrs. Hudson, you look remarkably fit and trim for someone who spends so much time in the kitchen. How do you do it?"

"Oh, Mr. Holmes, I don't sit down to eat my meals the way that you do. I eat while I cook and while I make everything ready. It's a bite here and a bite there, and, before I know it, I've had a full meal, all of it tasting so delicious. I don't eat just one thing. I have a little bit of this and a little bit of that, and I chew while I'm working. I'm lucky. I wouldn't have it any other way."

"Mrs. Hudson, you have my profoundest admiration."


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