Reading Comprehension Quiz

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Beethoven (died 1827) initially dedicated his third symphony to Napoleon, believing that the general intended to sustain the democratic and republican ideals of the French Revolution. However, in 1804, when Napoleon's imperial ambitions became clear, Beethoven took hold of the title page and scratched the name Bonaparte out so violently that he made a hole in the paper. He later changed the work's title to "Sinfonia Eroica" and rededicated it to his patron, Prince Joseph Franz von Lobkowitz, at whose palace it was first performed.

The fourth movement of his Ninth Symphony features an elaborate choral setting of Schiller's Ode to Joy, an optimistic hymn championing the brotherhood of humanity. Since 1972, an orchestral version of this part of the fourth movement, arranged by the conductor Herbert von Karajan, has been the European anthem as announced by the Council of Europe. In 1985 it was adopted as the anthem of the European Community.

1. The word imperial refers to
A. a crown.
B. empire.
C. aggression against neighbors.
D. high and mighty.
2. Beethoven dropped Napoleon from the title page of the third symphony because of
A. Napoleon's imperial ambitions.
B. Napoleon's death.
C. arguments with Napoleon.
D. Napoleon's lack of interest.
3. The Ode to Joy was adopted as
A. Napoleon's anthem.
B. the hymn of Prince Lobkowitz's palace.
C. Germany's anthem.
D. the anthem of the European Community.
4. Republican in this context means
A. members of the Republican Party.
B. members of the Senate and House.
C. that the supreme power of government lies with voting citizens.
D. anarchists.

The information comes from Wikipedia.

Write down your answers and then see Answer Key below.

Answer Key: 1-B..........2-A..........3-D..........4-C
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