Reading Comprehension Quiz

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From "In Mammoth Cave" by John Burroughs (died 1921)

Some idea of the impression which Mammoth Cave makes upon the senses, irrespective even of sight, may be had from the fact that blind people go there to see it and are greatly struck with it. I was assured that this is a fact. The blind seem as much impressed by it as those who have their sight. When the guide pauses at the more interesting point or lights the scene up with a great torch or with Bengal lights and points out the more striking features, the blind exclaim, "How wonderful! how beautiful!" They can feel it, if they cannot see it. They get some idea of the spaciousness when words are uttered. The voice goes forth in these colossal chambers like a bird. When no word is spoken, the silence is of a kind never experienced on the surface of the earth, it is so profound and abysmal. This, and the absolute darkness, to a person with eyes makes him feel as if he were face to face with the primordial nothingness. The objective universe is gone; only the subjective remains; the sense of hearing is inverted and reports only the murmurs from within. The blind miss much, but much remains to them. The great cave is not merely a spectacle to the eye; it is a wonder to the ear, a strangeness to the smell and to the touch. The body feels the presence of unusual conditions through every pore.

1. The L.L. origin of primordial meant
A. natural birth.
B. birth of stars.
C. first of all, original.
D. out of order.
2. (Enter the term in L.L. means
A. low life.
B. last Latin.
C. likely language.
D. late Latin.
3. Bengal lights are
A. flashlights.
B. a steady, bright-blue light.
C. kerosene lamps.
D. lights used in the forest.
4. A profound silence is a silence that is
A. complete.
B. unnerving.
C. sorrowful.
D. short in duration.
The complete essay can be found at In Mammoth Cave.

Write down your answers and then see Answer Key below.

Answer Key: 1-C..........2-D..........3-B..........4-A
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