Reading Comprehension Quiz

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From "The Hills of Zion" by H. L. Mencken (died 1956)

In the guttering glare was the preacher, and for a while we could see no one else. He was an immensely tall and thin mountaineer in blue jeans, his collarless shirt open at the neck and his hair a tousled mop. As he preached he paced up and down under the smoking flambeaux, and at each turn he thrust his arms into the air and yelled "Glory to God!" We crept nearer in the shadow of the cornfield and began to hear more of his discourse. He was preaching on the Day of Judgment. The high kings of the earth, he roared, would all fall down and die. Only the sanctified would stand up to receive the Lord God of Hosts. One of these kings he mentioned by name, the king of what he called Greece-y. The king of Greece-y, he said, was doomed to Hell.

1. The scene was lit by
A. electric lights.
B. torches.
C. candles.
D. sunlight.
2. The sanctified are
A. the priests.
B. all the congregation.
C. those freed from sin.
D. the sinners.
3. The sanctified would
A. fall down and die.
B. become kings.
C. be forgotten.
D. stand up.
4. The scene takes place in
A. a cornfield.
B. a church.
C. a tent.
D. a courthouse.
The entire essay can be read at The Hills of Zion.

Write down your answers and then see Answer Key below.

Answer Key: 1-B..........2-C..........3-D..........4-A
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