Reading Comprehension Quiz

Use the dictionary, the acronym finder, and the word origins dictionary (links above) as needed. A new quiz is available each Monday through Thursday. This is the quiz for May 29.

Lucille Ball's dizzy redhead with the elastic face and saucer eyes was the model for scores of comic TV females to follow. She and her show, moreover, helped define a still nascent medium. Before I Love Lucy, TV was feeling its way. Live TV drama was an outgrowth of Broadway theater. Game shows were transplanted from radio. Variety shows and early comedy stars like Milton Berle came out of vaudeville. I Love Lucy was unmistakably a television show, and Ball the perfect star for the small screen. "I look like everybody's idea of an actress," she once said, "but I feel like a housewife." Sid Caesar and Jackie Gleason were big men with larger-than-life personas; Lucy was one of us.

1. Nascent means
A. born again.
B. ignorant.
C. coming into existence.
D. untested.
2. Lucy was perfect for the small screen because
A. she was one of us.
B. she was so beautiful.
C. she was the equal of Sid Caesar and Jackie Gleason.
D. she led the way.
3. The word persona means
A. the person.
B. the interior person.
C. the commercial person.
D. the outward or social personality.
4. Larger-than-life means
A. impressive and likely to attract attention.
B. very big in stature.
C. accomplished.
D. undying.

The information comes from an article by Richard Zoglin at Time Magazine Most Important People of the Century.

Write down your answers and then see Answer Key below.

Answer Key: 1-C..........2-A..........3-D..........4-A
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