Reading Comprehension Quiz

Use the dictionary, the acronym finder, and the word origins dictionary (links above) as needed. A new quiz is available each Monday through Thursday. This is the quiz for May 28.

Satchmo. He had perfect pitch and perfect rhythm. His improvised melodies and singing could be as lofty as a moon flight or as low-down as the blood drops of a street thug dying in the gutter. Like most of the great innovators in jazz, he was a small man, but the extent of his influence across jazz, across American music, and around the world has such continuing stature that he is one of the few who can easily be mentioned with Stravinsky, Picasso, and Joyce. His life was the embodiment of one who moves from rags to riches, from anonymity to internationally imitated innovator. Louis Daniel Armstrong supplied revolutionary language that was so pervasive that it became commonplace, like the light bulb, the airplane, and the telephone.

1. The Latin origin of improvisation means
A. something proven.
B. something not foreseen.
C. something unleashed.
D. something daring.
2. The Latin origin of pervasive means
A. seen a long way.
B. heightened.
C. made important.
D. spreading.
3. Louis Armstrong is known as
A. an innovator.
B. an imitator.
C. a poor man.
D. a savior.
4. The light bulb, the airplane, and the telephone are all
A. revolutionary.
B. an embodiment.
C. commonplace.
D. perfect.

The information comes from an article by Stanley Crouch at Time Magazine Most Important People of the Century.

Write down your answers and then see Answer Key below.

Answer Key: 1-B..........2-D..........3-A..........4-C
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