Reading Comprehension Quiz

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From Charles Lamb's "Essays of Elia"

When **** comes, poking in his head and shoulders into your room, as if to feel his entry, you think, surely you have now got him to yourself - what a three hours' chat we shall have! - but, ever in the haunch of him - and before his diffident body is well disclosed in your apartment - appears the haunting shadow of his cousin, over-peering his modest kinsman and sure to overlay the expected good talk with his insufferable procerity [tallness] of stature and uncorresponding dwarfishness of observation.

1. The cousin is
A. short on observation.
B. as observant as he is tall.
C. a welcome guest.
D. a good talker.
2. The haunting shadow is
A. the diffident body.
B. the cousin.
C. ****.
D. good talk.
3. The three hours' chat will be
A. enjoyed.
B. lengthened.
C. spoiled.
D. realized.
4. **** is
A. a haunting shadow.
B. uninteresting.
C. unaccompanied.
D. diffident.
The complete Essays of Elia can be downloaded from Project Gutenberg: Essays of Elia.

Write down your answers and then see Answer Key below.

Answer Key: 1-A..........2-B..........3-C..........4-D
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