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From "Sir Roger at Church" by Joseph Addison (died 1719)

As Sir Roger is landlord to the whole congregation, he keeps them in very good order and will suffer nobody to sleep in it besides himself, for if by chance he has been surprised into a short nap at sermon, upon recovering out of it he stands up and looks about him, and, if he sees anybody else nodding, either wakes them himself or sends his servant to them. Several other of the old knight's particularities break out upon these occasions. Sometimes he will be lengthening out a verse in the singing-psalms, half a minute after the rest of the congregation have done with it. Sometimes, when he is pleased with the matter of his devotion, he pronounces Amen three or four times to the same prayer and sometimes stands up, when everybody else is upon their knees, to count the congregation or see if any of his tenants are missing.

. . . As soon as the sermon is finished, nobody presumes to stir till Sir Roger is gone out of the church. The knight walks down from his seat in the chancel between a double row of his tenants, that stand bowing to him on each side, and every now and then he inquires how such an one's wife or mother or son or father does, whom he does not see at church, which is understood as a secret reprimand to the person that is absent.

1. "Suffer" in this context means
A. be in pain.
B. endure.
C. insist.
D. declare.
2. The "old knight" is
A. the servant.
B. the preacher.
C. Sir Roger.
D. a parishioner.
3. All of the parishioners are
A. servants.
B. family.
C. choir members.
D. tenants.
4. Particularities are
A. peculiarities.
B. good qualities.
C. insults.
D. commands.
The complete essay can be found at Sir Roger at Church

Write down your answers and then see Answer Key below.

Answer Key: 1-B..........2-C..........3-D..........4-A
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