Reading Comprehension Quiz

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Selection about Paris from Hilaire Belloc (died 1953) "Crooked Streets"

I have quarrel with what is regal and magnificent, with splendid ways of a hundred feet or more, with great avenues and lines of palaces. Why should they pull down my nest beyond the river - Straw Street and Rat Street and all those winding belts round the little Church of St. Julien the Poor, where they say that Dante studied and where Danton in the madness of his grief dug up his dead love from the earth on his returning from the wars? Crooked streets will never tire a man, and each will have its character, and each will have a soul of its own. To proceed from one to another is like travelling in a multitude or mixing with a number of friends.

1. Crooked streets are like
A. Danton returning from the wars.
B. friends.
C. the Church of St. Julien the Poor.
D. great avenues.
2. Belloc was opposed to
A. crooked streets.
B. Dante and Danton.
C. what is regal and magnificent.
D. multitudes.
3. Belloc's nest was
A. the little Church of St. Julien the Poor.
B. splendid ways.
C. a number of friends.
D. crooked streets.
4. Belloc liked to
A. walk.
B. visit palaces.
C. visit great avenues.
D. visit what is regal and magnificent.
The complete essay can be found at Crooked Streets

Write down your answers and then see Answer Key below.

Answer Key: 1-B..........2-C..........3-D..........4-A
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