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Pompeii (destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius 79 CE) was a lively place, and evidence abounds of the smallest details of everyday life. For example, on the floor of one of the houses is a famous inscription "Salve, lucru" (Welcome, money). Wine jars have been found bearing what is apparently the world's earliest known marketing pun, Vesuvinum, combining Vesuvius and the Latin for wine, vinu. Graffiti carved on the walls was written in Vulgar Latin, a different dialect from the literary or Classical Latin.

In 89 BCE, after the occupation of the city by Roman General Sulla, Pompeii was annexed to the Roman Republic. Subsequently, Pompeii underwent a vast process of infrastructural development, most of which was built during the Augustan period. Worth noting are an amphitheatre, a palestra with a central swimming pool, and an aqueduct that provided water for more than 25 street fountains, at least four public baths, and a large number of private houses and businesses. The aqueduct branched out through three main pipes from the castellum aquae, where the waters were collected before being distributed to the city.

1. A palestra was
A. a swimming pool.
B. a porch.
C. an athletic center.
D. an arena.
2. The Latin origin of aqueduct meant
A. tunnels.
B. river.
C. canal.
D. water conductor
3. The Augustan period was
A. the time of Emperor Augustus Caesar (died 14 CE).
B. a holy time in Rome's history.
C. the time of Julius Caesar.
D. the time of the Roman Empire.
4. Infrastructure includes
A. vacation areas.
B. roads and bridges.
C. city buildings.
D. theaters.

The information comes from Wikipedia.

Write down your answers and then see Answer Key below.

Answer Key: 1-C..........2-D..........3-A..........4-B
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