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Selection from the essay "Battle of the Babies" by Agnes Repplier (died 1950)

Just such a wild tale, fantastic rather than beautiful, haunted Chateaubriand all his life - the story of Count Combourg’s wooden leg, which, three hundred years after its owner’s death, was seen at night walking solemnly down the steep turret stairs, attended by a huge black cat. Not at all the kind of story we would select to tell a child nowadays. By no means! Even the little Chateaubriand heard it from peasant lips. Yet in after years, when he had fought the battle of life and fought it with success, when he had grown gray and illustrious and disillusioned and melancholy, what should come back to his mind, with its old pleasant flavor of terror and mystery, but the vision of Count Combourg’s wooden leg taking its midnight constitutional, with the black cat stepping softly on before? So he notes it gravely down in his Memoirs, just as Scott notes in his diary the pranks of Whippity Stourie, the Scotch bogie that steals at night into open nursery windows, and just as Heine, in gay, sunlit Paris, recalls with joy the dark, sweet, sombre tales of the witch-and-fairy-haunted forests of Germany.

1. A bogie is
A. a wolf.
B. an ancestor.
C. a monkey.
D. an evil or mischievous spirit.
2. Repplier felt that the story of the wooden leg
A. added to Chateaubriand's enjoyment.
B. damaged Chateaubriand's mind.
C. was suitable only for adults.
D. should not have been told to Chateaubriand.
3. Chateaubriand heard the story from peasant lips because
A. his parents didn't have the time for telling it.
B. peasants were less overprotective than his parents.
C. his parents thought that the story was silly.
D. his parents didn't know stories.
4. Fantastic means
A. brightly colored.
B. silly.
C. strange, imaginary.
D. excellent.
The complete essay is available at Battle of the Babies

Write down your answers and then see Answer Key below.

Answer Key: 1-D..........2-A..........3-B..........4-C
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