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While he supported the idea of a strong emperor (probably because of the chaotic state of China at his time), Confucius at the same time argued for limits on the power of rulers. He thought that honesty was of paramount importance. Even in facial expression, truth must always be represented. He emphasized the need to give due respect to superiors. However, the inferior must give advice to his superior if the superior was in the wrong. This idea was followed a century after Confucius's death by his disciple Mencius, who argued that, if the king was not acting like a king, he would lose the Mandate of Heaven and be overthrown. Therefore, tyrannicide is justified, because a tyrant is more a thief than a king. Other Confucian texts recognise the failings of real rulers in maxims such as, "An oppressive government is more feared than a tiger."

1. Confucius liked the idea of a strong emperor because
A. he believed in honesty in governors.
B. he was against limits in government.
C. China at that time was chaotic.
D. kings should act like kings.
2. Facial expressions should express
A. truth.
B. inferiority.
C. kings acting like kings.
D. what is to be more feared than a tiger.
3. Tyrannicide means
A. a type of suicide.
B. thievery.
C. a thieving king.
D. murder of a tyrant.
4. "Oppressive government" is a government that
A. is worse than a tiger.
B. pressures people.
C. presses down on the land.
D. presses people into service.
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Answer key: 1-C 2-A 3-D 4-A
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