Reading Comprehension Quiz

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Mark Twain (died 1910) in the Hawaiian Islands, excerpt from Roughing It

Impressed by the profound silence and repose that rested over the beautiful landscape and being, as usual, in the rear [of the party on horses], I gave voice to my thoughts. I said:
"What a picture is here slumbering in the solemn glory of the moon! How strong the rugged outlines of the dead volcano stand out against the clear sky! What a snowy fringe marks the bursting of the surf over the long, curved reef! How calmly the dim city sleeps yonder in the plain! How soft the shadows lie upon the stately mountains that border the dream-haunted Mauoa Valley! What a grand pyramid of billowy clouds towers above the storied Pali! How the grim warriors of the past seem flocking in ghostly squadrons to their ancient battlefield again! How the wails of the dying well up from the—"
At this point the horse called Oahu sat down in the sand. Sat down to listen, I suppose. Never mind what he heard, I stopped apostrophising and convinced him that I was not a man to allow contempt of court on the part of a horse.

1. Twain makes the horse seem
A. interested.
B. wild.
C. disobedient.
D. bored.
2. Twain showed that he would not allow contempt of court by
A. talking sense to the horse.
B. calling for help.
C. making the horse get up and go.
D. waiting for other people to join him.
3. To apostrophise is to
A. to interrupt someone.
B. speak to someone or something not present.
C. to speak poetry.
D. to debate.
4. Storied means
A. celebrated in stories.
B. of many levels.
C. referred to in novels.
D. at a high altitude.
The complete text of Roughing It is available from Project Gutenberg as a downloadable file: Roughing It.

Write down your answers and then see Answer Key below.

Answer Key: 1-D..........2-C..........3-B..........4-A

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