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Like a lot of folks in the San Francisco area, Amadeo Peter Giannini was thrown from his bed in the wee hours of April 18, 1906, when the Great Quake shook parts of the city to rubble. He hurriedly dressed and hitched a team of horses to a borrowed produce wagon and headed into town to the Bank of Italy, which he had founded two years earlier. Sifting through the ruins, he discreetly loaded $2 million in gold, coins, and securities onto the wagon bed, covered the bank's resources with a layer of vegetables, and headed home.

In the days after the disaster, the man known as A.P. broke ranks with his fellow bankers, many of whom wanted area banks to remain shut to sort out the damage. Giannini quickly set up shop on the docks near San Francisco's North Beach. With a wooden plank straddling two barrels for a desk, he began to extend credit "on a face and a signature" to small businesses and individuals in need of money to rebuild their lives. His actions spurred the city's redevelopment.

That would have been legacy enough for most people, but Giannini's mark extends far beyond San Francisco, where his dogged determination and unusual focus on "the little people" helped build what was at his death the largest bank in the country, Bank of America, with assets of $5 billion. He pioneered home mortgages, auto loans and other installment credit.

1. 1906 saw
A. the founding of the Bank of Italy.
B. the San Francisco earthquake.
C. the growth of the Bank of America.
D. Giannini's many innovations in banking.
2. Giannini was innovative in making loans to
A. failing banks.
B. San Francisco's poor.
C. the little people.
D. redevelopment.
3. The word origin of pioneer means
A. venturer into a new country.
B. peasant.
C. shop keeper.
D. foot soldier who prepares the way for the army.
4. O.Fr. (as found in word origin for pioneer) means
A. oberfranken.
B. Old French.
C. oberfahnrich.
D. Outer France.

The information comes from an article by Daniel Kadlec at Time Magazine Most Important People of the Century.

Write down your answers and then see Answer Key below.

Answer Key: 1-B..........2-C..........3-D..........4-B
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