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From "Sketches by Boz" by Charles Dickens (died 1870)

Observe the inexpressible delight of the old grandmother at Uncle Bill’s splendid joke of ‘tea for four, bread and butter for forty’ and the loud explosion of mirth which follows his wafering a paper ‘pigtail’ on the waiter’s collar. The young man is evidently ‘keeping company’ with Uncle Bill’s niece, and Uncle Bill’s hints, such as ‘Don’t forget me at the dinner, you know,’ ‘I shall look out for the cake, Sally,’ ‘I’ll be godfather to your first - wager it’s a boy,’ and so forth, are equally embarrassing to the young people and delightful to the elder ones. As to the old grandmother, she is in perfect ecstasies and does nothing but laugh herself into fits of coughing until they have finished the ‘gin-and-water warm with,’ of which Uncle Bill ordered ‘glasses round’ after tea, ‘just to keep the night air out and to do it up comfortable and riglar arter sitch an as-tonishing hot day!’

1. Equally embarrassing to the young people and delightful to the elder ones are
A. gin-and-water warm with
B. Uncle Bill's hints.
C. the waiter's pigtail.
D. bread and butter for forty.
2. To "wafer" a pigtail is to
A. throw it.
B. pin it.
C. fold it.
D. attach it.
3. The Latin origin of splendid meant
A. brilliant/shiny.
B. laughable.
C. forgettable.
D. majestic.
4. Uncle Bill was
A. annoying to the elders.
B. stingy.
C. a cheerful entertainer.
D. unhappy.
The entire book can be downloaded from the Internet: Sketches by Boz.

Write down your answers and then see Answer Key below.

Answer Key: 1-B..........2-D..........3-A..........4-C

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