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Excerpt from "A Piece of Chalk" by G. K. Chesterton (died 1936), who realized that he had left white chalk out of his artist's kit

I sat on the hill in a sort of despair. There was no town near at which it was even remotely probable there would be such a thing as an artist's colorman. And yet, without any white, my absurd little pictures would be as pointless as the world would be if there were no good people in it. I stared stupidly around, racking my brain for expedients. Then I suddenly stood up and roared with laughter, again and again, so that the cows stared at me and called a committee. Imagine a man in the Sahara regretting that he had no sand for his hour-glass. Imagine a gentleman in mid-ocean wishing that he had brought some salt water with him for his chemical experiments. I was sitting on an immense warehouse of white chalk. The landscape [somewhere in southern England near the White Cliffs of Dover] was made entirely of white chalk. . . . I stooped and broke a piece of the rock I sat on. It did not mark so well as the shop chalks do, but it gave the effect, and I stood there in a trance of pleasure.

1. A colorman is
A. a display of art.
B. a vender of artists' supplies.
C. an artist.
D. a house painter.
2. Chesterton was like
A. an artist who can't draw well.
B. a well-supplied artist.
C. a rich person who doesn't realize that he is rich.
D. a poor person who doesn't realize that he is poor.
3. Chesterton laughed because
A. he thought that he had been foolish.
B. he could sell chalk.
C. he could tell a story on himself.
D. his realization surprised him.
4. Chesterton would not like to live in a world
A. without good people.
B. without art.
C. without humor.
D. without surprises.
The entire essay can be found at A Piece of Chalk.

Write down your answers and then see Answer Key below.

Answer Key: 1-B..........2-C..........3-D..........4-A

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