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Akio Morita made Sony a trusted name everywhere. He created one of the first global corporations. Long before his contemporaries, he saw that a shrinking world could present enormous opportunities for a company that could think beyond its own borders, and with his relentless energy he pursued that strategy in every market, particularly the U.S. Recently, according to a Harris survey of American consumers, Sony was rated the No. 1 brand name, ahead of Coca-Cola and General Electric.

Morita noticed people listening to music in their cars and carrying large stereos to the beach. He asked his engineering department to develop a product that sounded like a high-quality car stereo yet was portable and allowed the user to listen while doing something else thus the name Walkman.

1. Morita was among the first to take his business
A. throughout his country.
B. into many other countries.
C. beyond his country's borders.
D. into competition with other products.
2. Relentless means
A. tireless.
B. stubborn.
C. not to be placated or appeased.
D. annoying.
3. Morita was a man who
A. saw opportunities.
B. could not be trusted.
C. tired easily.
D. leaned on others.
4. Walkman got its name because
A. you can walk with it.
B. it is portable.
C. it doesn't have to be plugged in.
D. you can walk and listen at the same time.

The information comes from an article by Kenichi Ohmae at Time Magazine Most Important People of the Century.

Write down your answers and then see Answer Key below.

Answer Key: 1-B..........2-C..........3-A..........4-D
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