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Long John Silver talks to Jim - from Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson (died 1894)

"You'll perhaps batten down your hatches [cover the hatches (openings in the deck) to protect them from bad weather] till you're spoke to, my friend," cried Silver truculently [savagely] to this speaker, and then, in his first gracious tones, he replied to me, "Yesterday morning, Mr. Hawkins," said he, "in the dog-watch [evening], down came Doctor Livesey with a flag of truce. Says he, 'Cap'n Silver, you're sold out [cheated/betrayed]. Ship's gone.' Well, maybe we'd been taking a glass, and a song to help it round. I won't say no. Leastways, none of us had looked out. We looked out, and by thunder, the old ship was gone! I never seen a pack o' fools look fishier, and you may lay to that, if I tells you that [who] looked the fishiest. 'Well,' says the doctor, 'let's bargain.' We bargained, him and I, and here we are: stores, brandy, block house, the firewood you was thoughtful enough to cut, and in a manner of speaking, the whole blessed boat [enough firewood to make up a boat], from cross-trees [above-board timbers] to keelson [timbers in the bottom of a hull]. As for them, they've tramped [moved on]. I don't know where's they are."

1. The glass that Silver refers to was
A. a glass for drinking liquor.
B. a spy glass.
C. binoculars.
D. eyeglasses.
2. The fools looked fishy because
A. they were drowning in liquor.
B. they smelled fishy.
C. of their wide-open mouths in astonishment.
D. they looked slippery.
3. The fishiest looking of all was
A. Jim.
B. Long John Silver.
C. the captain.
D. the doctor.
4. "The firewood you was thoughtful enough to cut" was Silver's way of
A. thanking Jim for his work.
B. bragging about what the mutineers owned.
C. showing politeness.
D. poking Jim in the ribs.
The entire book can be downloaded as an HTML zip file from Treasure Island.

Write down your answers and then see Answer Key below.

Answer Key: 1-A..........2-C..........3-B..........4-D

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