Reading Comprehension Quiz

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From "Lampoons" by Joseph Addison (died 1719)

Upon Sextus Quintus' [a joke name - Sixth Fifth] being made Pope, the statue of Pasquin was one night dressed in a very dirty shirt, with an excuse written under it that he was forced to wear foul linen because his laundress was made a princess. This was a reflection upon the Pope’s sister, who, before the promotion of her brother, was in those mean circumstances that Pasquin represented her. As this pasquinade made a great noise in Rome, the Pope offered a considerable sum of money to any person that should discover [reveal] the author of it. The author, relying upon his holiness’s generosity, as also on some private overtures which he had received from him, made the discovery himself, upon which the Pope gave him the reward he had promised but, at the same time, to disable the satirist for the future, ordered his tongue to be cut out and both his hands to be chopped off.

1. The Pope's sister had earlier been
A. a princess.
B. a laundress.
C. a satirist.
D. a pasquinade.
2. Pasquin was
A. a Pope.
B. an actor.
C. the nickname of an ancient statue.
D. a citizen of Rome.
3. A lampoon is
A. an essay honoring someone.
B. a gentle comedy.
C. Roman poetry.
D. a written attack that uses ridicule to expose vice or folly.
4. Mean circumstances are
A. living poorly.
B. wealth.
C. unjust circumstances.
D. ignorance.
The complete essay can be downloaded as an html zip file at Lampoons.

Write down your answers and then see Answer Key below.

Answer Key: 1-B..........2-C..........3-D..........4-A

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