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During the boom following World War II, Walter Reuther campaigned for wage increases, winning a major victory in a 1948 settlement with General Motors that established the concept of an annual wage increase (annual improvement factor or aif) tied to a quarterly cost of living allowance. The aif-cola formula (annual improvement factor + cost of living allowance) has, over the years, been a pillar of progress in enhancing workers' living standards and ensuring protection of the purchasing power of the earned dollar against the impact of inflation. After his breakthroughs on wages, Reuther pressed for improved benefits. He had a penchant for slogans, which often became rallying cries for the union's programs. "Too Old to Work Too Young to Die" was one, used to negotiate pension plans. "Thirty and Out" was aimed at a contract clause permitting retirement after 30 years of service, regardless of age. "We Live by the Year We Should Be Paid by the Year" was behind the demand for a guaranteed annual wage. The ultimate bargaining victory was the Supplementary Unemployment Benefit, which now mandates a 95% replacement of wages in the event of layoffs.

1. Thanks in large part to Reuther, workers are protected against
A. losing their jobs.
B. inflation.
C. arbitrary firings.
D. deflation.
2. Aif is the same as
A. automatic improvement factor.
B. annual income factor.
C. automatic income factor.
D. annual wage increase.
3. A penchant is
A. an appreciation.
B. an enjoyment.
C. a strong liking.
D. a pendant.
4. Reuther was good at
A. slogans.
B. earning money.
C. giving in to management.
D. being ruthless.

The information comes from an article by Irving Bluestone at Time Magazine Most Important People of the Century.

Write down your answers and then see Answer Key below.

Answer Key: 1-B..........2-D..........3-C..........4-A
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