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According to historian Ilan Pappé, the Israeli Zionists in 1948 organised a campaign of threats consisting of the distribution of threatening leaflets, 'violent reconnaissance,' and the shelling of Arab villages and neighborhoods. The idea of 'violent reconnaissance' was to enter a defenseless village at night, fire at everyone who dared leave his or her house, and leave after a few hours. Pappé also notes that the Israeli Defense Force shifted its policy from retaliation, through excessive retaliation, to offensive initiatives. During the 'long seminar,' a meeting of Ben-Gurion with his chief advisors in January, 1948, the departure point was that it was desirable to 'transfer' as many Arabs as possible out of Jewish territory, and the discussion focussed mainly on the implementation. According to Pappé, plan Dalet was the master plan for the expulsion of the Palestinians.

Edgar O'Ballance, a military historian, adds as follows: " Israeli vans with loudspeakers drove through the streets ordering all the inhabitants to evacuate immediately, and such as were reluctant to leave were forcibly ejected from their homes by the triumphant Israelis, whose policy was now openly one of clearing out all the Arab civil population before them. From the surrounding villages and hamlets, during the next two or three days, all the inhabitants were uprooted and set off on the road to Ramallah. No longer was there any 'reasonable persuasion.' Bluntly, the Arab inhabitants were ejected and forced to flee into Arab territory. Wherever the Israeli troops advanced into Arab country, the Arab population was bulldozed out in front of them."

1. Zionism was
A. a movement to unify Jews.
B. a branch of Judaism.
C. a movement to create a Jewish state in Palestine.
D. American Judaism.
2. Arabs are
A. tribespeople of the Arabian peninsula.
B. people who speak Persian.
C. all Moslems.
D. Middle Eastern and northern African people who speak Arabic.
3. The Jews wanted a state
A. free of Arabs.
B. separated from religion.
C. where Arabs and Jews co-existed.
D. agreeable to Arab neighbors.
4. "Reasonable persuasion" was
A. a consistent policy.
B. forgotten.
C. adopted late in the expulsion of the Arabs.
D. never used.

The information comes from Wikipedia.

Write down your answers and then see Answer Key below.

Answer Key: 1-C..........2-D..........3-A..........4-B
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