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Charles Lamb's A Masque of Days continued (see below for the full story up to this point)
The quiz on the opening of the story is found here: February 5, 2009

Charles Lamb's A Masque of Days

Charles Lamb's A Masque of Days
(See below for the full story up to this point.)

1. A domine is
A. a pope.
B. a clergyman.
C. a disreputable person.
D. a parishioner.
2. The old Domine is
A. a Vigil.
B. a Fast.
C. Ash Wednesday.
D. Christmas Day.
3. (See - "cups" - No. 24) "In his cups" means
A. drunk.
B. angry.
C. forgetful.
D. overfed.
4. (See - "cover" - No. 41) A cover is
A. a napkin.
B. a vase of flowers.
C. a set of glasses.
D. a set of eating utensils.
5. A Vigil is
A. the eve of a holy day.
B. a virgin.
C. protection of church valuables.
D. a lookout for guests.
PREVIOUSLY: THE OLD YEAR being dead and the NEW YEAR coming of age, which he does by Calendar Law as soon as the breath is out of the old gentleman’s body, nothing would serve the young spark but he must give a dinner upon the occasion, to which all the Days in the year were invited. The Festivals, whom he deputed as his stewards, were mightily taken with the notion. They had been engaged time out of mind, they said, in providing mirth and good cheer for mortals below, and it was time they should have a taste of their own bounty. It was stiffly debated among them whether the Fasts should be admitted. Some said that the appearance of such lean, starved guests, with their mortified faces, would pervert the ends of the meeting. But the objection was overruled by Christmas Day who had a design upon Ash Wednesday

CURRENTLY: (as you shall hear) and a mighty desire to see how the old Domine would behave himself in his cups.
Only the VIGILS [that is, the Vigils only, no others] were requested to come with their lanterns to light the gentlefolks home at night.
All the Days came to their day. Covers were provided for three hundred and sixty-five guests at the principal table, with an occasional knife and fork at the side-board for the Twenty-Ninth of February.

The information comes from a Project Gutenberg eBook (free download of html zip file - Charles Lamb's A Masque of Days  ).

Write down your answers and then see Answer Key below.

Answer Key: 1-B..........2-C..........3-A..........4-D..........5-A
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