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From Sketches by Boz by Charles Dickens (died 1870)

The chief place of resort in the daytime, after the public-houses, is the park, in which the principal amusement is to drag young ladies up the steep hill which leads to the Observatory and then drag them down again, at the very top of their speed, greatly to the derangement of their curls and bonnet-caps and much to the edification of lookers-on from below. . . Love-sick swains, under the influence of gin-and-water and the tender passion, become violently affectionate, and the fair objects of their regard enhance the value of stolen kisses by a vast deal of struggling and holding down of heads and cries of "Oh! Ha’ done, then, George—Oh, do tickle him for me, Mary—Well, I never!" and similar Lucretian ejaculations [sarcasm, Lucretius being a high-minded poet]. Little old men and women, with a small basket under one arm and a wine-glass without a foot in the other hand, tender "a drop o’ the right sort" to the different groups, and young ladies, who are persuaded to indulge in a drop of the aforesaid right sort, display a pleasing degree of reluctance to taste it and cough afterwards with great propriety.

1. Propriety is
A. showiness.
B. proper behavior.
C. religious behavior.
D. warmth.
2. "A drop o' the right sort" is
A. wine or liquor.
B. water.
C. lemonade.
D. tea.
3. "The tender passion" is
A. religious piety.
B. love of games.
C. love of the opposite sex.
D. love of the outdoors.
4. The lookers-on
A. exhibit disapproval.
B. join in the merriment.
C. are at the park to learn.
D. enjoy the show.
The entire book can be downloaded from the Internet: Sketches by Boz. Write down your answers and then see Answer Key below.

Answer Key: 1-B..........2-A..........3-C..........4-D

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