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Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings (died 1953) in Cross Creek, Florida

There is no such thing in the world as an ugly tree, but the magnolia grandiflora has a unique perfection. No matter how crowded it may be, no matter how thickly holly and live oak and sweet gum may grow up around it, it develops with complete symmetry, so that one wonders whether character in all things, human as well as vegetable, may not be implicit. Neither is its development ruthless, achieved at the expense of its neighbors, for it is one of the few trees that may be allowed to stand in an orange grove, seeming to steal nothing from the expensively nourished citrus. The young of the tree is courteous, waiting for the parent to be done with life before presuming to take it over. There are never seedling magnolias under or near an old magnolia. When the tree at last dies, the young glossy sprouts appear from nowhere, exulting in the sun and air for which they may have waited a long hundred years.

1. The tree's symmetry is a feature of
A. the world.
B. development.
C. nourishment.
D. character.
2. The magnolia seedlings wait for
A. the parent tree to die.
B. other trees to surround the parent tree.
C. a hundred years.
D. rain.
3. Citrus trees require
A. magnolia trees.
B. expensive nourishment.
C. seedlings.
D. sprouts.
4. The Latin origin of grandiflora meant
A. showy flower.
B. showy tree.
C. large flower.
D. large tree.
The entire book can be read online: Cross Creek.

Write down your answers and then see Answer Key below.

Answer Key: 1-D..........2-A..........3-B..........4-C

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