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The rule of Augustus initiated an era of relative peace known as the Pax Romana or Roman peace. Despite continuous frontier wars and one year-long civil war, the Mediterranean world remained at peace for more than two centuries. Augustus expanded the boundaries of the Roman Empire, secured the Empire's borders shared with client states, and made peace with Parthia. He reformed the Roman system of taxation, developed networks of roads with an official courier system, established a standing army and a small navy, established the Praetorian Guard, and created official police and fire-fighting forces for Rome. Much of the city was rebuilt under Augustus. He wrote a record of his own accomplishments, which has survived. Upon his death in AD 14, Augustus was declared a god by the Senate, to be worshipped by the Romans. His names Augustus and Caesar were adopted by every subsequent emperor, and the month of Sextilis was officially renamed August in his honour.

1. The Praetorian Guard was
A. a military body protecting Rome.
B. a military body protecting borders.
C. a guard for the Senate.
D. an emperor's elite military force.
2. Sextilis was
A. the name of a month.
B. a person in ancient Rome.
C. a relative of Caesar Augustus.
D. a god of ancient Rome.
3. The Pax Romana was
A. an agreement with the Parthians.
B. an era of relative peace.
C. an order by Caesar Augustus.
D. a peace that ended with the death of Caesar Augustus.
4. A client state is a state that
A. does business with another state.
B. is a colony of another state.
C. is formally independent but under control by another state.
D. contributes military forces to another state.

The information comes from Wikipedia.

Write down your answers and then see Answer Key below.

Answer Key: 1-D..........2-A..........3-B..........4-C
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