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A description of an eruption of Kilauea, Hawaii - from Roughing It by Mark Twain (died 1910)

Kilauea never overflows its vast crater but bursts a passage for its lava through the mountain side when relief is necessary, and then the destruction is fearful. About 1840 it rent [past tense of rend, meaning split] its overburdened stomach and sent a broad river of fire careering down to the sea, which swept away forests, huts, plantations, and every thing else that lay in its path. The stream was five miles broad in places and two hundred feet deep, and the distance it traveled was forty miles. It tore up and bore away acre-patches of land on its bosom like rafts - rocks, trees, and all intact. At night the red glare was visible a hundred miles at sea, and at a distance of forty miles fine print could be read at midnight. The atmosphere was poisoned with sulphurous vapors and choked with falling ashes, pumice stones, and cinders. Countless columns of smoke rose up and blended together in a tumbled canopy that hid the heavens and glowed with a ruddy flush reflected from the fires below. Here and there jets of lava sprung hundreds of feet into the air and burst into rocket-sprays that returned to earth in a crimson rain, and all the while the laboring mountain shook with Nature's great palsy and voiced its distress in moanings and the muffled booming of subterranean thunders.

1. The Latin origin of subterranean meant
A. lofty rooms.
B. within the ocean.
C. under earth.
D. Hellish.
2. The acre-patches of land lay on top of
A. rafts.
B. forests.
C. the sea.
D. lava.
3. The stomach was overburdened with
A. lava.
B. trees.
C. acre-patches.
D. plantations.
4. The heavens were hidden by
A. pumice.
B. a canopy of smoke.
C. lava.
D. fires.
The complete text of Roughing It is available from Project Gutenberg as a downloadable file: Roughing It.

Write down your answers and then see Answer Key below.

Answer Key: 1-C..........2-D..........3-A..........4-B

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