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Selection from "Gin Shops" by Charles Dickens (died 1870)

They [two old washerwomen] are quite astonished at the impudent air of the young fellow in a brown coat and bright buttons who, ushering in his two companions and walking up to the bar in as careless a manner as if he had been used to green and gold ornaments [on casks] all his life, winks at one of the young ladies [barmaids] with singular coolness and calls for a "kervorten [gin] and a three-out [one-third] glass," just as if the place were his own."Gin for you, sir?" says the young lady when she has drawn it, carefully looking every way but the right one to show that the wink had no effect upon her. "For me, Mary, my dear," replies the gentleman in brown. "My name an't Mary as it happens," says the young girl, rather relaxing as she delivers the change. "Well, if it an't, it ought to be," responds the irresistible one. "All the Marys as ever I see was handsome gals." Here the young lady, not precisely remembering how blushes are managed in such cases, abruptly ends the flirtation by addressing the female in the faded feathers who has just entered [with the young fellow] and who, after stating explicitly, to prevent any subsequent misunderstanding, that "this gentleman pays," calls for "a glass of port wine and a bit of sugar."

1. The Latin origin of impudent meant
A. aggressive.
B. foolish.
C. not ashamed.
D. annoying.
2. (See ir- in irresistible means
A. fully.
B. able.
C. handy.
D. not - same as im- or il- or in-
3. One of the young fellow's companions orders
A. port.
B. gin.
C. kervorten.
D. a three-out glass.
4. The young fellow was
A. ashamed.
B. impudent.
C. silent.
D. embarrassed.

The essay can be found at Gin Shops.

Write down your answers and then see Answer Key below.

Answer Key: 1-C..........2-D..........3-A..........4-B
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