Reading Comprehension Quiz

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Selection from "A Quaker's Meeting" by Charles Lamb

More frequently the Meeting is broken up without a word having been spoken, but the mind has been fed. You go away with a sermon not made with hands. You have been in the milder caverns of Trophonius [a Grecian architect, fabled to have been the builder of the first temple of Apollo at Delphi] or as in some den, where that fiercest and savagest of all wild creatures, the Tongue, that unruly member, has strangely lain tied up and captive. You have bathed with stillness. When the spirit is sore fretted, even tired to sickness of the janglings and nonsense-noises of the world, what a balm and a solace it is to go and seat yourself for a quiet half hour upon some undisputed corner of a bench among the gentle Quakers!

1. In the den there is
A. Trophonius.
B. a sermon.
C. an African beast.
D. a tongue.
2. The fiercest of all wild creatures is
A. Trophonius.
B. an African beast.
C. the tongue.
D. a sermon.
3. The corner of a bench is undisputed because it is
A. in a corner.
B. unoccupied.
C. among the Quakers.
D. bathed with stillness.
4. A sermon that is made with hands is a sermon that is
A. written down.
B. in the mind only.
C. tied up in a den.
D. among the janglings and nonsense-noises of the world.
The complete text is available: A Quaker's Meeting.

Write down your answers and then see Answer Key below.

Answer Key: 1-D..........2-C..........3-B..........4-A
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