Reading Comprehension Quiz

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Mark Twain's account in Roughing It of going through the Rocky Mountains in a stage coach

We were perched upon the extreme summit of the great range of the Rocky Mountains, toward which we had been climbing, patiently climbing, ceaselessly climbing for days and nights together, and about us was gathered a convention of Nature's kings that stood ten, twelve, and even thirteen thousand feet high - grand old fellows who would have to stoop to see Mount Washington, in the twilight. We were in such an airy elevation above the creeping populations of the earth that now and then, when the obstructing crags stood out of the way, it seemed that we could look around and abroad and contemplate the whole great globe, with its dissolving views of mountains, seas, and continents, stretching away through the mystery of the summer haze.

1. The convention of kings was
A. tall mountains.
B. populations of the earth.
C. obstructing crags.
D. continents.
2. The author mentioned Mt. Washington because
A. it is the equal of the Rocky Mountains.
B. it is comparatively small.
C. it is nearby.
D. it is just as proud.
3. (See The Latin origin of convention meant
A. appointing a meeting place.
B. easy to acquire.
C. coming together.
D. agreeable.
4. The stage coach was
A. in a valley.
B. on its way downward.
C. on its way up.
D. at the top.
The complete text of Roughing It is available from Project Gutenberg as a downloadable file: Roughing It.

Write down your answers and then see Answer Key below.

Answer Key: 1-A..........2-B..........3-C..........4-D
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