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From Popular Fallacy No. 14 "That We Should Rise with the Lark" by Charles Lamb (died 1834)

While the busy part of mankind are fast huddling on their clothes, are already up and about their occupations, content to have swallowed their sleep by wholesale, we chose to linger a-bed and digest our dreams. It is the very time to recombine the wandering images which night in a confused mass presented, to snatch them from forgetfulness, to shape and mould them. Some people have no good of their dreams. Like fast feeders, they gulp them too grossly to taste them curiously. We love to chew the cud of a foregone [already having occurred] vision, to collect the scattered rays of a brighter phantasm [creation of the imagination], or act over again, with firmer nerves, the sadder nocturnal tragedies, to drag into daylight a struggling and half-vanishing nightmare, to handle and examine the terrors or the airy solaces. We have too much respect for these spiritual communications to let them go so lightly.

1. (See To huddle on clothes is to
A. arrange them for putting on.
B. pick them up from the floor.
C. put them on with careless haste.
D. to put them on backwards.
2. The wandering images are
A. dreams of travels.
B. images of childhood.
C. images of forgotten events.
D. unorganized images.
3. The communications are spiritual because they are
A. intangible, not material.
B. sent by God.
C. sent by spirits.
D. telling of the life to come.
4. People who don't benefit from their dreams are like
A. airy solaces.
B. fast feeders.
C. spiritual communications.
D. curious tasters.
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Answer Key: 1-C..........2-D..........3-A..........4-B
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