Reading Comprehension Quiz

Use the dictionary, the acronym finder, and the word origins dictionary (links above) as needed. A new quiz is available each Monday through Thursday. This is the quiz for April 29.

There was a time when it was impossible for people even to imagine a Harvey Milk. After he defied the governing class of San Francisco in 1977 to become a member of its board of supervisors, many people had to adjust to a new reality, that a gay person could live an honest life and yet succeed in politics. That adjustment plods on, but, with every gay character to emerge on TV and with every presidential speech to a gay group, its eventual outcome of equality seems clear.

1. The new reality was that
A. the governing class could be defied.
B. a place could be won on the board of supervisors.
C. an openly gay person could succeed in politics.
D. a gay person could live an honest life.
2. The meaning of the Latin origin of supervisor is
A. see over.
B. superior vision.
C. haughty.
D. risen above.
3. According to the article, equality for gay people
A. will not be achieved.
B. will be achieved.
C. has been achieved.
D. might not be achieved.
4. The origin of the word politics is from
A. Greek.
B. Latin.
C. English.
D. French.

The information comes from an article by John Cloud at Time Magazine Most Important People of the Century.

Write down your answers and then see Answer Key below.

Answer Key: 1-C..........2-A..........3-B..........4-A
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