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From "How Shall I Word It?" by Max Beerbohm (died 1956)

Letter from Young Lady in Answer to Invitation from Old Schoolmistress

My dear Miss Price,
How awfully sweet of you to ask me to stay with you for a few days but how can you think I may have forgotten you for of course I think of you so very often and of the three years I spent at your school because it is such a joy not to be there any longer and if one is at all down it bucks one up directly to remember that thats all over at any rate and that one has enough food to nurrish one and not that awful monotony of life and not the pettifogging daily tirrany you went in for and I can imagin no greater thrill and luxury in a way than to come and see the whole dismal grind still going on but without me being in it but this would be rather beastly of me wouldn’t it so please dear Miss Price dont expect me and do excuse mistakes of English Composition and Spelling and etcetera in your affectionate old pupil,
Emily Therese Lynn-Royston.
ps, I often rite to people telling them where I was edducated and highly reckomending you.

1. Upon receiving this letter, Miss Price would have been
A. pleased.
B. horrified.
C. grateful.
D. warmed.
2. The writer's recommendations would have been
A. respected.
B. approved.
C. appreciated.
D. actually the opposite of a recommendation.
3. Miss Price was
A. respected by her pupil.
B. liked by her pupil.
C. not of happy memory.
D. a good teacher.
4. The writer was grateful
A. not to be still in school.
B. for Miss Price's leadership.
C. for the invitation.
D. for her school years.
5. The humor comes from
A. surprising frankness.
B. word play.
C. silliness.
D. amusing characters.
The complete essay can be found at How Shall I Word It?.

Write down your answers and then see Answer Key below.

Answer Key: 1- B..........2-D..........3-C..........4-A..........5-A
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