Reading Comprehension Quiz

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From "Shops and their Tenants" in Sketches by Boz by Charles Dickens (died 1870)

It is nearly eleven o’clock, and the cold thin rain, which has been drizzling so long, is beginning to pour down in good earnest. The baked-potato man has departed, the kidney-pie man has just walked away with his warehouse on his arm, the cheesemonger has drawn in his blind, and the boys have dispersed. The constant clicking of pattens on the slippy and uneven pavement and the rustling of umbrellas, as the wind blows against the shop-windows, bear testimony to the inclemency of the night, and the policeman, with his oilskin cape buttoned closely round him, seems, as he holds his hat on his head and turns round to avoid the gust of wind and rain which drives against him at the street-corner, to be very far from congratulating himself on the prospect before him.

1. The kidney-pie man's warehouse consists of
A. stored items.
B. kidney pies.
C. storage boxes.
D. wrappings for warmth.
2. The in- in inclemency means
A. within.
B. against.
C. not.
D. harsh.
3. The policeman's prospect is of
A. a warm fireside.
B. comfort.
C. much activity.
D. a cold, windy night.
4. A monger (as in cheesemonger) is a
A. seller.
B. buyer.
C. cook.
D. manager.
The complete sketches can be downloaded from Project Gutenberg: Sketches by Boz.

Write down your answers and then see Answer Key below.

Answer Key: 1-B..........2-C..........3-D..........4-A
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