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Using the Toilet

BOWEL MOVEMENT SYSTEM to avoid hemorrhoids, leakage, and soreness

Very hard pushing results in soreness and leakage. Furthermore, some say that very hard pushing is responsible for pouches in the walls of the intestines, resulting, sometimes, in infections in the pouches (diverticulitis). It's better to give up than to overdo the pushing.

Lean as far back as possible and look at the ceiling. Breathe deeply and just wait. Deep breathing puts pressure on the diaphragm, which puts pressure on the bowel. If the bowel movement starts up, continue to breathe deeply, forcing air down into your belly. To be even more effective, breathe deeply and rapidly, gasping noisily. Some people like putting their feet up on a stepping stool. This is definitely worth a try.

Still no action? Lift your feet off the floor, hold on to your knees and raise them as far as possible, and rock backwards as far as possible, looking at the ceiling. Breathe deeply.

When evacuation is complete, your body will give you a signal by contracting the sphincter muscle.

When using toilet paper, don't reach down between your legs. Reach down from the side. Wiping motion should be front to back, especially for women. Wiping is in two steps. (1) Wipe while still seated. (2) Stand up, put some skin lotion on toilet paper, bend over (or, better yet, stoop), and wipe.

If, after evacuation, the sphincter muscle has not contracted tightly, you will have trouble with leakage. Pull down the toilet lid and set something on it as a reminder, and then use toilet paper again after fifteen or twenty minutes.
To reduce hemorrhoid problems, use doughnut-shaped cushions (not hard ones), available in most pharmacies - one on the dining room chair, one on the TV chair, one on the computer chair, and one on the car seat. A similar product, somewhat more expensive but probably worth the difference, is the bladder friendly chair cushion, available at the ICN Store on the Internet: Bladder Friendly Chair Cushion. Specify "Soft."

Every time you take a shower, scrub vigorously between the buttocks with soap, and rinse thoroughly. Doing this causes irritation from hemorrhoids to diminish. Scrub your fingernails with a fingernail brush afterwards.

URINATION SYSTEM. Make sure that the urethra is empty after urination. Germs can travel up the urethra if it has not been cleared of urine.

To make sure that the urethra is empty, hold toilet paper against the opening of the urethra, stand up, and bend far forward so that the upper body is parallel with the floor (bent 90 degrees).

Bending far forward unblocks the urethra so that urine can fall out naturally onto the toilet tissue. Men, pinch a bit of penile skin and pull forward to help this process.

Men should always sit down when urinating at home. Urine splashes. Furthermore, it is easy for urine to drip onto the floor. So, gentlemen, PLEASE BE SEATED.

Before getting dressed in the morning, smell the crotch of your pants. This is the best test of urinary and fecal leakage.

Toilet Riser

Many toilets are too shallow, especially for men. The toilet seat needs to be raised. Add inches to the height of the toilet seat with a hinged toilet riser. You can do a search for - hinged toilet riser - at Amazon or Google:

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