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Bathroom Sink

Bathroom Sink

Cleaning the sink.

The sink tends to stay clean with liquid soap, which leaves less residue than bar soap. Also, liquid soap contains moisturizers and is less irritating to the skin than bar soap. If the sink needs cleaning, close the stopper, and shake some powdered hand soap, such as Boraxo, into the sink and rub the sink with your hand. If you can't find powdered hand soap, call 800-457-8739 to locate a store near you that stocks Boraxo.


To make the stainless-steel sink shiny, use Bar Keepers Friend. Rub vigorously with a paper towel. Keep on rubbing, changing towels as needed and adding Bar Keepers Friend, until there is no more black residue on the towel. Sink needs re-cleaning every couple of days.


Rub the sink clean with the palm of one hand. Rub the soapy hand with the other one to wash off any residue of skin lotion and hair dressing.


Open the stopper and rinse the sink.

The counter

The counter around the sink can be dried with a washcloth saved for the purpose or a high performance cloth, such as 3M High Performance Cloth. .


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