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Taking a Shower

Picture - Taking a Shower

Start your shower by washing your hair, and use some of the shampoo suds to wash your face and ears. Rinse the shampoo off hair, face, and ears by holding your nose closed with your fingers and looking up into the oncoming water.

Next, soap up the fingers and wash vigorously in the cleft of the buttocks. Vigorous washing tends to reduce the irriration of hemorrhoids.

Rinse well between the buttocks and rinse the soap off your hands and wash your fingernails with a fingernail brush. Recommended: Fuller Hand and Nail Brush

There is no need to use a washcloth - just soap on your hands works fine.
Use a loofah or back brush on your back to reduce itchiness. (Loofah back brush is available from this Internet site: Loofah back brush, or you can do a search on the Internet for loofah back brush or loofah back strap. The loofah back strap is available from Loofah back strap.)

There is a proper technique for drying off once you are out of the shower.
Just pat the hair with the towel and leave it wet so that it will be manageable when brushed.

If the skin between your toes peels, dry thoroughly. Leaning your elbow against a towel rack or a wall and holding up one corner of the bath towel, use the bottom corner of the towel to dry one foot while you stand on the other foot. Dry between the toes and around the edges of the foot. Then switch feet.
Now is the time to use underarm deodorant. Recommended: Speed Stick 24/7. (Advance the side edge of the deodorant cake only 1/32 inch above the container so that the cake won't break.)

If you have been putting up with a standard shower head, treat yourself to a really nice shower head. It's worth every penny. Recommended (pictured): Delta 4" Brass Shower Head (available at Home Depot and elsewhere)

I replaced my sliding glass shower door with a shower curtain on a rod - I like it a lot better because, when pushed to the side, it allows for more room for drying with the towel. To prevent getting water on the bathroom floor, place the rod a few inches inside the shower stall. The first shower curtain that I bought didn't let in enough light, so I replaced it with a transparent shower curtain (from eBay).

Install grab bars

Even young people can slip in the shower. Place the grab bars so that they don't interfere with the person who is standing in the shower.


The shower curtain (with clips/rings attached) can be washed in the washing machine.

Watch my video on taking a shower: Click here

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