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I use a blade razor now. It is less irritating than an electric razor. I put a double dollop (large amount) of Lubriderm on my face first (washing your face with hot water and soap is also good) and then add the shaving cream, such as Gillette Fusion HydraGel or the shaving gel from the dollar store. I like the shaving gel from Dollar Tree. I transfer it to an empty SoftSoap bottle with pump dispenser.

You might notice long hairs growing at the corners of the mouth. Because there are creases at the corners of the mouth, the hairs can grow in the creases. Plump out the creases with the tongue in order to reach these hairs with the razor. Other often-missed areas are under the nostrils and along the edges of the lips, especially at the sides of the mouth.


FEEL for missed whiskers

When using an electric razor, rub your fingers back and forth across your skin to feel for stubble.


Push your cheek out with your tongue if you find stubble on your cheek.


LOOK for missed whiskers

If you use an electric razor, put on your reading glasses occasionally and use a flashlight or a bright light to check for missed whiskers. You might be surprised by what your electric razor left behind. Alternative: use a blade razor once a week or so.

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