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Caring for the Nostrils

To keep unsightly nose hair from showing, use nose scissors (blade is curved) (search term in Google: nose scissors). Shine a flashlight into the nostril for better control (flashlight must have fresh batteries. Turn off room lights to see better). You can also try holding your electric razor upside down and using the razor's trimmer inside the nostrils.

Commercial nose hair trimmers don't work as well. It's better to stick with the scissors and flashlight.

Only when you use a flashlight can you see a nose hair that has curled around on itself and has started to tickle the lining of the nostril.

If nasal passages are sore, apply a hot washcloth to the bridge of the nose for a few minutes or use aloe vera gel inside the nostrils. Antibiotic ointment also helps reduce the soreness.

If you have a stuffy nose during the night, use TWO plump pillows so that the stuffiness drains out. Aloe vera gel is also helpful. You can also try a small amount of antibiotic ointment. If you find that during the night only one nostril is clogged, lie on your side so that the stuffy nostril is UP. In other words, if your left nostril is clogged, lie on your right side.

To reduce stuffiness, lay the palms of your hands firmly against your eyes, making sure that the heels of your hands are placed firmly against your nose, and keep that position for a few minutes.

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