Working in the Kitchen

Picture of kitchen stove

Kitchen sink

Swishing water from the faucet around on the sink with a plastic net scrubber generally keeps the sink clean.

If you want a shiny look, scrub with Bar Keepers Friend (a powdered cleanser) and a plastic net scrubber.

In the picture from the left: full-strength Spic and Span liquid cleaner transferred to a bottle with pump dispenser, diluted Spic and Span in a spray bottle, Spic and Span liquid cleaner, detergent, same detergent transferred to a bottle with pump dispenser, microfiber cloth.
Scrub with a plastic net scrubber.

Counters and floor

Use a sponge to mop the kitchen counters after cleaning up.

Clean the sponge in the dishwasher occasionally.

Let the sponge dry out. A moist sponge can breed bacteria.

Floor: hands and knees method works best. Add a half of a capful of liquid cleaner, such as Spic and Span liquid cleaner, to a quart of water in the sink. Dip a pad of paper toweling into it and squeeze it out and wipe the floor with it. You can also dilute Spic and Span liquid cleaner and use it in a spray bottle. An alternative is to use a pad of three or four paper towels caught in the end of a Swiffer mop. (Recently, Home Depot was selling an 8"-10" x 6" microfibre mitten that fits snugly over the end of a Swiffer mop.)

Watch my video on cleaning the kitchen floor: Click here.

Coffee pot

If your coffee pot drips coffee from the sides of the basket while you are brewing it, pull out the stopper in the bottom of the basket when you rinse it out.


Use a food thermometer.

When this thermometer reaches a designated temperature, it sounds a signal. It's available on the Internet - Polder Oven Thermometer and Timer - and at other locations by conducting a search.


Sorting clean silverware


To prevent knives that are sticking through the bottom of the dishwasher's silverware basket from nicking the countertop, pull out a drawer and lay the silverware basket on the drawer, and sort silverware from there.


Cleaning pots and pans


Fill a spray bottle half and half with white vinegar and water. Use the mixture to spray rinsed-out pots and pans. Wipe them clean with paper towels and put them away. The white vinegar/water mixture is harmless.


Hang up a pot rack


If you don't like bending over to get pots out of a cupboard, hang up a pot rack. It is worth the trouble. A couple of molly screws anchor the rack in place. This one is from eBay. If you enter this search term in Google, you will find it: Designer 36" Kitchen Bar/Pot Rack.


If you are bothered by scratches in the bowls of stainless steel spoons, try this.

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