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Ironing Shirts

Picture of kitchen sink

Use a timer to measure how long the laundry (with shirts) is tumbled in the dryer. Set the timer for 18 minutes. After 18 minutes, remove the shirts, which are still damp, shake them out, and hang them by the collar on the dryer door. Take them, and restart the dryer to dry the rest of the clothes.

If using a portable ironing board, lay it on a counter. (Latex gloves are put under the feet of the ironing board to keep it from slipping.) Counter must be dry to avoid wetting the cord of the iron and causing a short circuit. It's necessary to iron only the collar, the strip with buttonholes, and the pocket. Also, check the cuffs.
When ironing a shirt pocket, use only the edge of the iron. Start at the bottom of the pocket and use the edge to weave back and forth to the top of the pocket.
Hang up the shirts in the closet to dry.

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